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Is there anything more important than finding your dream home and getting your offer accepted? Our close collaboration right from the start ensures a highly personalized strategy and a happy result. 

How We Do It

Initial Phone Consult

Before we sit down, I recommend a brief phone call to discuss what you’re looking for, your current situation, and any questions you may have. 

New Buyer Consult

I’ve designed this meeting to be comprehensive, educational, and fun. I’ll answer all of your questions and together we’ll determine if we’re a right fit to work together. 

Some of the things we cover include: 

  • What’s most important to you

  • Neighborhoods

  • The home buying process

  • How to compete with an all cash offer

  • Market trends 

  • Your unique marketing strategy to get you into your new home faster

Roxanna’s Value

As Your Guide 

  • East Bay neighborhoods are my forte.

  • I’ll pinpoint the neighborhoods and streets that suit your budget and lifestyle. 

  • Finding your dream home isn’t a fluke, it’s the natural outcome of my process.

As Your Advocate

  • You can count on me. Using my methods, there are no surprises. 

  • Digital marketing and advertising are second nature to me.

  • A gifted negotiator, I seek the best possible price and terms.

As Your Collaborator

  • Warm, professional, easy-going, I’m both forthright and discreet. 

  • Accessible and responsive. I do my best to return all calls within the hour.

  • I’m informed. You have my sage advice throughout the entire process.

Your Goals Are Mine

To reach them, I make several promises:

  • My North Star centers around one question: “Is this best for my clients?”

  • I will negotiate the best possible price and terms.

  • I will do everything in my power to deliver the results you seek. 

  • I’ll manage your transaction with integrity, discretion, and good humor. 

My Mission

To use my skills as the ultimate concierge for East Bay buyers, bringing clarity and confidence to a complex transaction. 

Ready? I’ll Get You Moving

Work With Us

Roxanna Ahlbach is a leading Real Estate Agent in the Inner East Bay. Partner with the best. 

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