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Roxanna blew our expectations out of the water. She took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for in a home, and kept us up to date with homes that matched our criteria. We were only able to purchase our house because Roxanna was on top of the situation and kept us updated to be positioned to make an offer. The house received an early offer, and Roxanna was the only other agent to find out about it in time because she was in contact with the seller's agent on our behalf, giving us enough time to put our offer together, ultimately landing us the home. Throughout the process, she handled all interactions with such care and gentleness, which was exactly what we needed as we were so overwhelmed by the whirlwind process. We will be forever grateful, and will be referring Roxanna to any and everybody who is looking to buy in the East Bay.
– Sabina L. & Dan F. (Buyers)
We absolutely loved working with Roxanna. She went above and beyond for us. Even cooked our thanksgiving turkey for us the day after we moved in when there was an issue with our oven. We will recommend her to all of our friends.
– Bjoern W. & Ashley C. (Buyers)
As first time homebuyers we needed a lot of guidance and Roxanna was there every step of the way. She is an expert on the East Bay market which is exactly what we needed. Buying a house right now is competitive and stressful but we knew that we could count on Roxanna’s guidance which made everything so much less stressful than it could have been. We truly appreciated how attentive she was to our needs. She also was right on the mark when it came to pricing, every time she made a guess about a house’s price it was just about 100% correct.
– Kate M. (Buyer)
Roxanna made every step of the process easy. She was thoughtful and assertive with every answer she provided and really held our hand through the entire process, beginning to end.
– Marina & Rob H. (Sellers)
Roxanna was a pleasure to work with. She is a very personable, polite, courteous young woman and seems to know all the ins and outs of the real estate business. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor.
– Dany & Carol T. (Sellers)
Roxanna was my agent when I bought my first home. From our first meeting I was impressed at how thorough she was - she came prepared with a packet of materials and walked me step-by-step through the home buying process, asked me questions about what I was looking for, and took detailed notes. She was always super responsive whether it be over phone, email, or text. I appreciated that after we had seen a few homes she took note of what I liked and would proactively send me listings that fit my criteria. I also was grateful that she was never pushy and was always upfront with all possible options/pros & cons. Last but definitely not least, she is so easy to get along with and has a great sense of humor. I had so much fun working with her and would recommend her to anyone! Thanks to Roxanna me and my dog are in our first ever home - living the dream :)
– Joann T. (Buyer)
Roxanna is incredible. We have known her for years as a friend, and asked for her guidance in finding a first home. Not only is she incredibly supportive, responsive/accessible and knowledgeable about the competitive bay area market, but she manages it all deftly. And with an amazing sense of humor (very important to us). We had worked with other folks in the past that we liked, but the process of actually closing on a house made us realize how important it is to have someone that navigates the process this professionally. From beginning to end she worked hard on making this happen, including answering a million time-sensitive questions and reassuring us during the process. We had no idea how much work goes into this, and now appreciate how much Roxanna went above and beyond for us. There was a lot she did not have to do that she did for us, and we are very grateful for her support! I would happily ask Roxanna to work with us in the future.
– Mollie C. & Tollef B. (Buyers)
We highly recommend Roxanna! As others have mentioned, she is truly a rockstar, she helped sell our first home in Montclair the Fall of 2020, so you know it was an emotional process for us. This was not our first time selling property, but we were looking for a specialist in the Montclair area that could give our property a unique appeal and personality to bring out the best offer. We interviewed other agents recommended in a local MOM group and she was by far the most prepared, and she is so sweet and lovely and easy to work with which is really important during such a stressful process! During our transformation to get market-ready, Roxanna and her team really made our property shine and made the selling process super easy and streamlined. We received multiple offers well above asking price and she negotiated the best price. We were ready to *almost* throw in the towel and accept a lower offer due to some complications with the highest offer, but because of her expertise, she advised us to wait out the agonizing 24 hours and we ended up getting the highest offer!! Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Roxanna is your rockstar and she brings along with her a solid team!! Look no further and just hire her already! We are so glad we did!
– Angie & Wilson L. (Sellers)
Roxanna is incredible! We would highly recommend her for first-time home buyers. We honestly feel we would not be living in our new home without her. She has very specific knowledge of the East Bay and how to approach home buying here. With her help, we were able to find the right home and close on our very first offer. She mentioned this was common with her! She has a knack for keeping you on track but never making you feel rushed. She's all about transparency and keeping you fully informed. Even after the purchase, Roxanna has been very helpful with anything related to our home, like recommendations and walking us through (new to us) processes. It's been an absolutely pleasure having her as our realtor, we feel so lucky we found her!! We really couldn't imagine someone better for us.
– David M. & Ana S. (Buyers)
I didn’t know a realtor could be as strategic, as knowledgeable, or as great to work with as Roxanna. There is no question she can’t answer and nothing she can’t do. She will sell the house we just bought through her when the time comes, and help us buy our next one. 10 Fucking Stars!
– Keegan & Ann W. (Buyers)
I worked with Roxanna to sell my home in Oakland, she was amazing. She really went above and beyond to help stage the house and get it ready to look great in the sales materials, market blast, 3 ring circus of showings, catering, etc. I couldn't believe how much went into it. It was an emotional sale for me, the house was a labor of love, and I was probably a difficult client. TBH I was skeptical of our list price, but she really knows the market, had her finger on the pulse of the neighborhood, eased my concerns, and got the sale up to my target price! In the end I couldn't be happier with the new owners too. When working to buy my new house I felt I trusted Roxanna's friendly advice over the realtor I was working with (in another market.) I wish she could have handled our purchase as well as our sale.
– Pete S. (Seller)
Roxanna was always there and willing to help when I had questions. I never felt like I was in the process on my own and honestly wouldn't have ever been able to do this without her. She made me realize what was possible and helped me make it a reality.
– Shelby S. (Buyer)
It was a pleasure working with Roxanna and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell in the Bay Area. I can't honestly think of anything that could have gone better working with Roxanna. She stayed patient and attentive to our needs despite this being our first time buying and knowing very little about the process.
– Tony M. (Buyer)
Roxanna had a deep knowledge of the market & kept us feeling informed & in competent hands throughout. I have little doubt that we are in our gorgeous home tonight due to her skills at guiding us towards the most attractive offer. All the stars.
– Kevin S. & Margot H. (Buyers)
Roxanna was well informed of the properties in the East Bay. She did a wonderful job of prepping us on the offer process, and giving us the insight we needed on where we should make our initial bids. Overall, she said we'd get our dream home after the 3rd offer, and she got us over the line after the 2nd.
– Jonathan & Betsy D. (Buyers)
Roxanna was an absolutely fabulous agent. I had full confidence in every interaction with her, and trusted her completely. I appreciated her openness and honesty as it helped me make the best and most comfortable decision. I’m thrilled with the result! I will recommend her highly to anyone.
– Gretchen M (Buyer / Repeat Client)
Roxanna was fantastic, there was no way I could have navigated this process without her. She was incredibly knowledgeable, warm, and responsive. She didn’t miss a beat when navigating the many shifts of Shelter in Place and buying during the pandemic.
– Amanda O (Buyer)
Roxanna was amazing! She got a great sense of what we were looking for, was super flexible on scheduling, was a blast to be around, and had some really effective tactics for closing the deal. We would definitely work with her again. Thanks!
– Emmett D. (Buyer)
Roxanna made our home buying experience so much more pleasant than I thought it would be. She is whip-smart and extremely knowledgeable of her trade. Her insights and guidance were always clearly directed towards our search. We met her, by chance, at an open house she was conducting and we knew right away she was a good fit for us as she asked us questions specific to our needs, listened carefully and responded in ways that we had not encountered in our two years of meeting realtors. In this frenetic real estate climate, she didn't try to coax us to do anything beyond our means and was always extremely honest with us about where best to look for our home. We closed on our house this week and have the keys in our hands. We will always look back at this period of our lives as nothing but a positive experience. We have Roxanna to thank for a huge part of that. I couldn't recommend any more highly.
– Steven H. (Buyer)
Roxanna is a rockstar! The minute we met her, she had a smile on her face and she came prepared with notes and pamphlets! Personally, I wanted to feel like I have a friend in my realtor and Roxanna is just that, a friend. She wrote down everything we said and really wanted to make us feel heard. Searching for a house is a very tough job but with Roxanna, we truly felt anything was possible. As soon as we hired her, we found a house that the following weekend, and we are now moved in. The whole process took about one month and Roxanna was there every step of the way answering questions, communicating with all parties, and make sure we knew what was going on. Today we are the proud owners of a new home in Oakland and we couldn't be more thrilled! Roxanna is the best and such a sweet, genuine, experienced realtor. Anyone would be lucky to have her.
– Talia & Frank S. (Buyers)
This is a totally overdue review! Our family relocated from Santa Monica to Oakland last year and Roxanna was the perfect partner for us. This was our first home and I felt extra needy because we were still living in Santa Monica and looking for a home remotely. Roxanna provided so many options, listened to our concerns and answered the endless questions we had throughout the process. She moved super quickly on the offers we made and kept things going once the offer was accepted (one of 16!). Buying a house under our circumstances and in this market was incredibly stressful and I can't imagine having gone through it all without Roxanna to guide us. She's just the best.
– Katie & Bob B. (Buyers)
As a first time home buyer, I was looking for an agent with experience, someone who would hold my hand through the process and be patient with all of my questions. Roxanna went above and beyond. She really listened to what I wanted, educated me on what to expect, and helped me navigate this crazy Oakland real estate market. Her communication was clear and timely and she kept me on track with all of the paperwork once my offer was accepted, and also helped me out with contractor recommendations after I moved. If you're looking to buy or sell a house, she will have your best interest in mind!
– Jordan V. (Buyer)
We recommend Roxanna to anyone looking for an honest realtor who isn't pushy. She sold our rental condo a few years ago and we had such a positive experience that we called her when we were ready to downsize from our family home of 20 years. Roxanna guided us on what to do and what to expect, taking care of every detail.
– Mehran & Shahnaz B. (Buyers & Sellers/Repeat Clients)
We felt like we were getting valuable advice that we wouldn't have known without Roxanna. She was also very good at keeping us informed and on-time with paperwork.
– Ryan W. & Esther K. (Buyers)

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