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A Guide to Berkeley Neighborhoods

Roxanna Ahlbach


Located in the eastern section of the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, California, is a sought-after and exclusive area of the country renowned for its spectacular views and charming local flair. Over 100,000 people live in Berkeley, even though the average cost of living is twice that of the national average. Made up of about 10 miles of land and seven miles of water — most of which is the San Francisco Bay — Berkeley borders Oakland and is reminiscent of a Mediterranean climate. Summers are dry, winters are damp, and your day will begin and end with a slight chill and plenty of fog.
Berkeley is also known for its extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Telegraph Avenue is a popular destination to shop or enjoy a bite of food. You can also explore multiple unique attractions, underscoring Berkeley’s reputation for appeal and distinctive character. With the beauty of Northern California intermixed with the city’s cultural delights, this small and community-based neighborhood provides immediate access to one of the country’s largest and most energetic cities. Explore the neighborhoods of Berkley to start your journey of owning a piece of Berkley real estate.

Berkeley Hills

Thanks to the impressive homes, plethora of trees, and amazing Bay Area views, Berkeley Hills is a highly desirable place to live in the East Bay. You will find a mix of ranch houses, Spanish farmhouses, Tudor manors, Craftsman bungalows, and Italian-style villas. Designs from famous 20th-century architects such as Julia Morgan, John Galen Howard, and Bernard Maybeck create a sense of history and timelessness.
In Berkeley Hills, you will not find many commercial businesses. However, an elaborate network of pathways and staircases links Berkeley Hill residents to all of the desirable amenities in North Berkeley. Residents also enjoy access to multiple parks and green spaces. Meet a friend for rock climbing at Indian Rock Park, set up a picnic at the Berkeley Rose Garden, or enjoy a stroll through Bernard Maybeck’s fragrant Rose Walk.
Often blanketed in a lovely, ethereal mist, the tranquil and inviting atmosphere of Berkeley Hills is a beautiful area to reside. Dog owners love the lack of traffic while meeting up with fellow residents. With the architecture, parks, breathtaking views of the city, a comfortable sense of community, and the ability to enjoy bird-watching, deer frolicking, and other animals in their natural habitat, residents take advantage of the suburban feel while having easy access to the city's amenities.

North Berkley

If you are looking for Berkeley real estate that’s different from the multi-story apartment buildings characteristic of downtown Berkeley, explore the North Berkeley neighborhood directly north of the college’s campus. This quiet neighborhood at the foothills of Berkely Hills is made up of tree-lined streets, providing a peaceful living environment for Berkeley residents. It is also a popular neighborhood for graduate students and professors.
While real estate prices are at a premium, the town remains popular thanks to the quick and easy commute to the Bay Area. Enjoy stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and wooded areas featuring recreational fields, walking trails, and playgrounds. North Berkley’s reputation for an expansive variety of food and drink — it is lovingly known as the “gourmet ghetto” — means plenty of restaurants to choose from on the nights you do not feel like cooking, including Nico’s 1508 and Chez Panisse. You will also find plenty of pubs and bars, easily walkable from North Berkeley.


Claremont, noted for its grand, expensive homes, is characterized as the area surrounding the Claremont Resort and Hotel. It includes some of the most majestic homes in the Berkeley area.
With just 1.3% of America’s neighborhoods wealthier than Claremont, you will be in rare company purchasing real estate in this area. Expect to find exceptionally well-maintained homes that continue to increase in value over time. However, the neighborhood also knows how to have fun. Claremont hosts the Berkeley Fourth of July parade that surrounds the park at the end of Parkside and Plaza Drives. A band plays festive music on a flatbed truck while kids and dogs parade down the street. The end of the parade features speeches and songs in the park.
Residents enjoy this neighborhood because of its easy access to San Francisco, Oakland/South Bay, and Walnut Creek. Claremont is filled with opulent and distinctive homes built primarily in the 1920s and is known as Berkeley’s most expensive and exclusive neighborhood.


Located several blocks from campus, College and Ashby Avenues are at the heart of the Elmwood neighborhood and are well-liked for their upscale and family-oriented vibe. You will see an appealing mix of small apartment complexes interspersed with spectacular homes. There is no shortage of restaurants in the Elmwood area. Options in this upscale and prestigious neighborhood include numerous international cuisine restaurants, healthy fare, and fine dining.
Thanks to this small town’s self-contained and community-based character, Elmwood is home to some of the finest old residences. It is close to downtown Berkeley and the University of California, Berkeley campus while providing access to San Francisco and the Bay Area. Transplanted San Franciscans made the Elmwood area a fashionable suburb at the turn of the 19th century. The building boom began a few years later when a delightful mix of bungalows, revival homes, and shingled box homes filled the neighborhood’s quiet and tree-lined streets.
Residents enjoy the highly-rated restaurants and numerous food and drink options. Elmwood is desirable for young adults and families, thanks to its delightful amenities and desirable location. You will quickly feel right at home when moving into this exclusive neighborhood.

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