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Qualities of a Great Berkeley Realtor

Roxanna Ahlbach


The decision to buy a new home or sell your existing one is something that takes careful consideration. One of the most critical steps in this lengthy process is the selection of your real estate professional. But what qualities will make a great Berkeley Realtor? We’ve compiled a list of what you can expect from your agent.

Honesty and transparency

When you put what might be your family’s single most significant investment in the hands of another, you need to ensure that the professional handling your transactions is aboveboard. A Realtor brings to the table the honesty and transparency needed to put your mind at ease. Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors and abide by a code of ethics that ensures they’ll always put your needs first.

In 2020, Forbes rated both honesty and transparency high on their list of attributes in a Realtor that consumers look for. It’s no secret that Realtors make their living on sales commissions. But the ones that will last in the business with good measures of success are the ones that are forthright with their clients and totally open throughout this sometimes complicated process.


Another quality you can expect from a Berkeley Realtor, especially one as experienced and successful as Roxanna Ahlbach, is a high level of responsiveness. The buying and selling process can be complicated, so most consumers use a professional agent. Your Realtor should respond in a timely manner to all your questions.

An agent that takes your calls and quickly responds to your questions and concerns will help put your mind at ease. After all, if they are responsive to you, you can almost certainly count on them to be as diligent in their replies to all the other parties involved in the process.

Strong network

An agent does so much more than just list your home and tour prospective new homes with you. In fact, that is just a small part of a professional agent’s job. A Realtor helps guide so many parts of the buying and selling process, including financing, inspections, and closing. For the smoothest transactions, this means a strong network of other professionals.

A Berkeley Realtor will have the experience and business acumen to have established these much-needed contacts. Time in the business, combined with honesty and integrity, will help an agent build the necessary contacts to create a vast network.

Just as there are many choices when it comes to Realtors, there are seemingly endless options when you need to select a home inspector, contractor for needed repairs, and other professionals you’ll need services from. Take advantage of your agent’s network for the best possible results!

Your biggest advocate

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, it’s reasonable to expect there to be some pulling in the opposite direction. If you’ve ever decided to navigate either process alone, it can seem overwhelming and isolating. You might have even felt like the entire process and everyone involved was working against you. The Berkely Realtor you choose to partner with should be your biggest advocate so you never feel alone during this process.

Real estate transactions can involve a high level of negotiating no matter what end of the sale you are on. You will want someone in your court to not only guide you through to the end but will also work to get you the best price and most favorable terms possible.

The ideal Realtor will be your advocate but also your personal cheerleader and someone who will allow you to vent about any of the road bumps you might encounter along the way. Take full advantage of having a Berkeley Realtor working hard on your side!

Project manager

A Realtor does so much more than just list and show homes. They work hard to market their listings, network with various other professionals, and constantly work to stay up to date on the changing environments in their market. With these ideas in mind, it’s fair to say that a great Realtor functions partly as a project manager.

The buying/selling process can be so complicated that the typical consumer might need to realize just how much goes into it all. A great Realtor will make the entire transaction appear as seamless as possible, even though there are a LOT of cogs moving within the vast machinery of real estate.

When considering a Realtor, don’t hesitate to ask them what their duties entail. A great agent will be open to answering all your questions about what happens on the back end of the sale, helping you understand how effective they are at managing all of the moving parts.

Knowledgeable about the area

Every neighborhood will have a different feel and suit different needs. As the needs of every buyer are unique to them, a Berkeley Realtor will know the area you’re considering like the back of their hand.

Whether it’s the quality of the schools, the walkability score, or the proximity to the amenities that are important to you and your family, a great Realtor will know if the area you’re considering fits the bill. Make a list of what is important to you and give consideration to the agent who will help you with purchasing or selling your home. An experienced and seasoned Realtor will certainly know what areas have what you are looking for and will steer you away from spots that don’t meet your requirements.

Ready to work with a great Berkeley Realtor?

When you are ready to begin looking for a professional Realtor, consider Roxanna Ahlbach to help you find Berekely real estate & homes for sale or aid you in selling your house.

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